Waterproof Mascara

There are few things worse than leaving a fun party or show only to find your makeup ruined by mascara stains. Running mascara is one of the most common makeup mishaps, and fortunately, one of the easiest to avoid. If you're attending an all-day affair or expect to tear up during an event, make sure to use a waterproof mascara.

What is a waterproof mascara?

A waterproof mascara is designed to resist tears, sweat, rain, and other forms of moisture. While other mascaras will simply run under moisture, extra-drying ingredients in a waterproof mascara makes it harder to dissolve. Most modern mascaras have waterproofing ingredients, but not all of them are 100% resistant.

What makes it waterproof?

The known ingredient in a waterproof mascara varies from one manufacturer to another, since major labels want to keep their formulas a secret. However, the main principle is that oil or fat-based materials repel water, so a waterproof mascara should contain at least one such ingredient. Most mascaras contain mineral oils and waxes obtained from animal and vegetable fats, which add some waterproofing quality.

Who needs a waterproof mascara?

A waterproof mascara works best for people who are active and on the go throughout the day. It's practically a must for office makeup, since waterproof mascaras don't require constant retouches. A waterproof mascara is also ideal for outdoor shows and events, all-day parties, and events in beachside or lakeside locations. Models often use it for photo shoots since the lights can also dissolve non-waterproof mascara types.

How is a waterproof mascara removed?

Once it has dried, a waterproof mascara can only be removed by special makeup removers. While soap and water can dissolve most mascaras, the results won't be as clean or complete. Since most waterproof mascaras are oil-based, the remover is usually oil-based as well. Most manufacturers also make mascara removers designed specially for their mascara line. If you're on a budget, you can also try third-party or generic makeup removers, although some can react adversely to your mascara.